The KSF GL Lifter is a compact and versatile material lifter for construction sites and workshops-also ideal for vertical and overhead glazing with optional accessories.

Each KSF GL Lifter in the series comes in two models-an AC version run from mains power, or a AD(AC+AD) version with battery for sites where mains power is not available.

  1. Quick Folding Base: Easy and convenient setup. Can be setup in 10 seconds by a single operator.
  2. Adjustable Legs with level: Ensures the unit can be safely setup on uneven surfaces.
    Up on a slope to accomplish the level set up.
  1. Available with AC or AD(AC+AD) motors:
    AD Motor (AC+DC series): Operates without mains power via battery, it comes with charger and radio remote control.
    AC Motor (AC series): Operates from mains power.  Radio remote control is optional.
  1. Radio remote control: Comes standard with DC units, optional extra with AC units.
  2. Safety Limiter: If the operator attempts to continue to raise the unit above its maximum operating height, a kill switch will engage. The operator is then required to reset the kill switch with the controller.
  3. Safety Anti-Fall system on mast.
  4. 10” Heavy duty castors- make it easy to maneuver the GL lifter on-site.