With the Glass Cradle, the Super Lifter is ideal for the manipulation and installation of glass panels up to heights of 4 meters.

  1. Compact and Maneuverable – Lifting height of 396 cm.
  2. Electric Motor- Variable speed controller with long cable and belt clip.
  3. Adjustable legs- Use lifter on uneven surfaces and adjacent to walls.
  4. Level- Ensure mast is vertical before operation.
  5. Telescoping Mast- Compact, Strong and Light – made with robust, specially heat treated aluminum.
  6. Manual Controls- if no main power available, use cordless drill or handle to operate lifter.
  7. Emergency Stop Button-Also safety interlock switch for manual control.
  8. Setup in 30 seconds- No tools required.
  9. Overload Cut-Out- Fitted with overload clutch for safety.
  10. Wheels for Mobility- Fitted with 5” castors for easy transportation and maneuverability.
  11. Fine Positioning- Align load precisely with variable speed controller.