Reinforced concrete drilling machine KF-500

KF-500 features:

  1. The fuselage triple leakage-proof insulation design, motor double insulation design and patented inlet rod insulation rubber sleeve design. Designed to prevent the machine from leaking due to drilling to a wire or power source.
  2. Patented LED current indicator, in operation, remains in yellow light. If the red light is on, it means that the feed force should be lightened. According to the operation of the indicator light, the drilling efficiency can be improved and the body can be protected.
  3. Motor overload automatic trip switch: In the drilling, if the current exceeds the rated current of the motor load, the motor will automatically power off.
  4. Patented externally adjustable clutch: If the drill bit is stuck in the hole, the clutch of the machine will automatically trip to protect the gearbox internal gear.
  5. The patented slide rails are adjustable in front and rear elevation angles, and the drilling angle is up to 20 degrees.
  6. The body is made of aluminum alloy steel, which is light and durable.
  7. This machine has passed the CE safety certification of the European Union.