1. Innovating manufacturer KSF sells globally with swift R&D skills

Having +40 years of inventive design experience, KSF perfects  R&D of products, refinement and tests, ultimately acquiring over 200 international patents.

  1. Customers get complete and unique machinery items:

For design, functionality and convenience, KSF understands the market needs best. ,.

(1)     Lifting Equipment: Portable Lifter, Drywall Lifter, Cargo Lifter, Passenger Lifter, Material Lifter, Glass Lifter.

(2)     Diamond Core Drill: capacity from 1″ ~ 24″ core drill machine.

(3)     Cutting Machine: Wall cutter, Floor Saw.

  1. KSF uses diversified equipment to focus on enhanced customer- satisfaction:

Advanced processing machines: f.i. big CNC Milling Machine, CNC Lathe, Automatic Welding Robot Arm, etc., provide great customization conditions. Tailor-made customized products in design, prototype producing, formal mass-production, with flexible assembly ability enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Abundant practical experience emphasizes on customers’ responses for a good image:

KSF’s Trail Field simulates actual construction environments and provides a complete sample testing space; KSF offers professional advice to solve customer problems simultaneously enhancing construction efficiency, sharing experience and growing mutually, establishing  a cooperative relationship.

  1. The most faultless quality policy:

To stabilize quality with competitive edges, KSF performs an ultramodern quality policy. Through work analysis, job descriptions and quality-control regulations are rigorously established. Furthermore quality-control inspections, spontaneous reviews performed in every process and procedure, detects problems, performs stepwise quality-control and integrates ideas. Our staff continuously conducts performances, to ensure enhancing quality, increasing production performance and reducing production costs.

  1. Fast and accurate after-sale services:

Customers get technical support and the most timely after-sale services through complete assessments.

  1. Development of human resourses :

Every employee is KSFs most important resource. Through educational trainings, they accumulate practical experience and take profound reviews, enhancing their personal potential towards professional talents.

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